Add-ins to Custom-fit RMS to your needs

Digital Retail Solutions offers a comprehensive list of add-ins to custom-fit RMS for any retail environment. If you need enhanced power tools, wireless handheld solutions, integrated ecommerce, special order tracking, serialized unit control, import utilities, service management, POS modifications, custom reports or templates, targeted mailings, and more, we have an add-in for you!

Our own add-ins DO NOT use hooks in POS so we avoid any conflicts with any other add-ins. DRS Add-in licenses are based on station count defined in Store Operations Manager, Database, Registers, Register List (POS lanes plus backoffice PCs running Manager). Licenses are per location. Base license subscription includes first year AMP (annual maintenance plan) with upgrades and updates for 12 months, access to our 24/7 knowledge base (KB), plus support services from our online help desk (live chat, e-ticket, and remote logon session). Subsequent year AMPs are 50% of base license fee.

Individual DRS Add-ins and affiliated links are below. To see the latest enhancements, view the “What’s New” section in the manuals. For DRS Bundled utilities, click here. We also offer mobile solutions & web store add-ins from providing partners.

DRS Add-ins Tutorial Manual Try-B4-U-Buy  
DRS AutoGen™ Tutorial Manual Instant 30-day Trial  
Configure your RMS database to automate certain procedures for new item adds. Also automates changes to selected data in Item Properties and Purchase Orders.
DRS Jumpstart™ Tutorial Manual 30-day Trial  
Import items into an existing RMS database from select suppliers, as well as Bike-alog®, a bike industry product database (requires Bike-alog subscription). Runs in POS or Manager.
DRS Linker™   Manual Vertical Bundles Only  
Our background linking utility supports a growing list of trading partners for the US bicycle and hobby industries. Example, Horizon Hobby, Giant Bicycles, Specialized, QBP, Hawley Company, J&B Importers, Buy Local Now, Shimano America, Pearl Izumi, Louis Garneau and more! Links includes catalog import/update, warehouse availability, pre-labeling, POS Sync, and retail data capture.
DRS PO Loader™   Manual Vertical Bundles Only  
Transfers a Purchase Order created in RMS to a supplier’s online order entry system. Packages the data into compatible formats; sync costs and checks stock.
DRS Power Ops™ Tutorial Manual Instant 30-day Trial  
All-purpose utility that improves standard functions found in RMS to provide enhanced matrix management, search capabilities, custom ILC generation, pricing tables, new item wizards, and quick access to suppliers at POS. Included in DRS’ Bicycle Bundle, RMS Toolkit, and Matrix Master.
DRS Serial Editor™   Manual 30-day Trial  
Track and control serialized items in Store Operations from time of receipt to assembly through date sold. Assign temporary serial numbers and print labels by item or PO.
DRS Reports/Templates   Contents List  Purchase (no trial avail.)  
A large collection of custom reports and templates for Store Operations and Headquarters gleaned from 10+ years experience serving RMS users. Also includes PCL/EPL label formats for Cognitive and Zebra barcode label printers. Report files (.qrp) can be further customized using Notepad or any text editor.
DRS SO Tracker™ Tutorial Manual Instant 30-day Trial  
Tracks customers’ Special Orders in Store Operations from initial order entry through delivery to the customer. This includes all items required to fill backorders, work orders, and layaways. SO Tracker includes DRS Status Window, HQ Bridge and AutoGen when purchased for multi-store environments (HQ).
DRS Status Window™   Manual    
Adds item/sale margin calculator, customer profile, and account alerts to the POS screen.
DRS SWAT Search™ Tutorial Manual Instant 30-day Trial  
Puts an intelligent search engine right within RMS. Automatic, progressive and exclusive search. Price point and price range. Dept, category, size, color, brand, supplier and type filters. Combination searches. In-stock and on sale filters. Change quantities. Multiple search and tag, then add to sale. Note: SWAT Search is included with Power Ops.
DRS TenderView™ Tutorial Manual Instant Download  
Provides a quick view of cash drawer amounts in the POS module, without running an X report. Quickly balance cash drawers during end-of-day closeouts. A great tool to check on register activity during the day. FREE
DRS Tools   Manual Instant 30-day Trial  
Saves time by streamlining certain RMS processes through wizards and maintenance tools. Example, mark old items inactive in batch mode using intelligent filters, or delete items that have never been used, or delete customers with no activity. DRS Tools is included with DRS Bicycle Bundle , DRS Hobby Bundle, and RMS Toolkit.
DRS V.I.P Zone™ Tutorial Manual Instant 30-day Trial  
Advanced customer search and capture, USPS street address validation (CASS), reverse number lookup, duplicate account merge, targeted mailing list extraction, and global customer editing. Our most popular add-in for any store that captures customers and needs to generate targeted mailing lists for direct mail or email broadcasts. Includes zip code histogram and message alert by customer account, plus two-click export of targeted lists to Constant Contact.
DRS HQ Bridge   Manual Instant 30-day Trial  
This utility automates the creation of Worksheet 250 when new items are added in HeadQuarters. HQ Bridge runs as a service in background and is installed once on any PC with access to the HQ database. New worksheets are created on a user-defined schedule and distributed during the next 401 connection. This utility is included with SO Tracker for multi-store environments and only works if you have already installed SO Tracker and AutoGen at HQ.
DRS Service Manager™ Tutorial Manual Instant 30-day Trial  
This utility offers enhanced workorders and service management with estimates, resource scheduling, and email notifications. It is designed for retailers who provide chargeable services to their customers such as repairs or professional services. Service jobs can be scheduled based on available resources and service technicians. Service Manager runs in POS, Manager, or standalone on any PC with access to the Store Operations database. A POS lane license is not required to create service workorders using Service Manager, but orders are paid for and picked up at a POS lane. Service Manager can optionally print workorders on a plain paper form with customer claim stub, signature line, disclaimer, etc. Click here for info on SM-101 forms. Service Manager is included with Bicycle Bundle, Hobby Bundle, and Pool & Spa Bundle.

Bundled Suites Tutorial Manual Try-B4-U-Buy  
DRS Matrix Master™ Tutorial   30-day Trial  
Adds advanced new item generation and matrix management to RMS Store Operations and HeadQuarters. DRS Matrix Master includes DRS AutoGen and DRS Power Ops. Download individual 30-day trials above or both add-ins are included in RMS Toolkit below.
DRS RMS Toolkit™   Manual 30-day Trial  
All DRS add-is for the general market including powerful search enhancements, auto-generated item codes, item creation and PO tools, serialized inventory control, special order tracking, extra reports, templates, & labels, plus service management, targeted mailings, and much more. Includes: TenderView, Serial Editor, Status Window, SWAT Search, Power Ops, AutoGen, Special Order Tracker, Service Manager, V.I.P. Zone, DRS Tools, and 100+ Custom Reports & Templates. Download our Toolkit 30-day trial today and experience the value we add to RMS. Includes access to our 24/7 RMS knowledgebase with FAQs, downloads, plus tips & tricks.
DRS Bicycle Bundle™   Manual 30-day Trial  
Custom fits RMS for bicycle stores. Includes everything in RMS Toolkit plus JumpStart for Bike-alog® and direct supplier links, DRS Linker, PO Loader, and additional custom reports and templates, plus DRS Service Manager and V.I.P. Zone. 30 day trial available upon request.
DRS Hobby Bundle™   Manual 30-day Trial  
Custom fits RMS for hobby stores. Includes everything in RMS Toolkit plus special edition of Power Ops with direct supplier links, DRS Linker, PO Loader, and additional custom reports and templates, plus DRS Service Manager and V.I.P. Zone. 30 day trial available upon request.

Other Add-ins Tutorial Manual Try-B4-U-Buy  
RMS Mobile Suite     n/a Purchase
A one-stop solution for local wireless access to your database. Real-time record-keeping and updates through Mobile Inventory Count, Mobile Purchase Order, Mobile Work Order, Mobile Transfer, Mobile Label Printing, and Mobile Item Manager.
mobileRMS  Demo   Trial Purchase
Get connected! Got a iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone, or other mobile tablet/device? mobileRMS is a browser-based jQuery application that runs on any web enabled mobile device. Click here for supported platforms. Look up customer and supplier information, create and edit work orders/quotes, modify purchase orders, look up inventory info, perform a physical inventory count, view in depth live sales history, and more.
2B-Inventory Tutorial   n/a Purchase
2B-Inventory is designed for retail businesses of all sizes who want the flexibility of using a hand-held mobile device with barcode scanner to manage inventory. Modules include Item Lookup, Receiving, Physical Count, Orders, and Purchase Orders. Manage inventory, customers, and suppliers from one easy to use mobile application.
eCommerce Integration     n/a Contact us
Establish a direct link between RMS and your web store by adding a compatible cart system. Integrated eCommerce solutions are available from ShopifyNitrosell, Kosmos X-Cart, and Lan Services (24seven cart). One-way integration (RMS data sync) is also available for For an example of Nitrosell integration, see our shopping cart.
ShipRush Integrated UPS/Fedex Tutorial   Trial Purchase
Perfect for Small & Large Shippers: Even if your business ships only a few packages a week, ShipRush helps by reducing clicks and saving tracking numbers in your RMS system for easy reference. Large shippers benefit from the ease of use and keyboard navigation built into ShipRush. Includes scale integration and USPS/Endicia option.
Integrated Credit, Debit, Gift Card Processing     n/a Rate Quote
Major benefits to using integrated card processing with Microsoft RMS include ease of use, no double-entry or terminal required, and quick 2-4 second authorization via IP (Internet Protocol). Don’t make a “penny wise, pound foolish” decision on choosing a merchant processor for your point of sale system. Some processors will quote you a lowball discount rate which is only valid for certain types of cards. Others may “claim” they work with RMS or offer discounted hardware and middleware software to entice you. This will only come back to bite you in several different ways. Find out why Vantiv Integrated Payments clearly stands out as the preferred provider for Microsoft RMS users running any version of RMS. Benefits include direct 24/7 support, free gift card processing, free plug-in with EMV/NFC support, ongoing PCI compliance, E2E encryption and tokenization, loyalty option, and more.

Custom add-ins are our specialty. If you don’t see the RMS add-in feature you are looking for, please contact our sales office for a quote. For a DRS add-ins price list click here.