DRS Rebrandable Materials
for Microsoft Dynamics RMS Resellers

Areas for reseller branding:

How to use DRS Rebrandable Publisher files
for DRS Add-ins

There are only two areas that resellers may alter; the reseller logo branding area at upper right, and the reseller contact information at the bottom of the publication.
The reseller logo branding area may vary due to the amount of features listed to the right. The reseller contact branding area may vary due to images placed above it.

Fonts used in the publications are Arial, Times New Roman, Symbol, and Gill Sans MT. Please contact Mim Young at Digital Retail Solutions if you are having font-related problems (US: 800-322-9471, Canada 800-353-0268, ext 88 — or email Mimmy@digitalretailer.com). Instructions for rebranding are included at the left of the image area in each publication. If you have questions about reselling DRS Add-ins for RMS, please email reseller@digitalretailer.com.

Resellers may not alter the contents of the text or the images placed by Digital Retail Solutions.

DRS PDFs: (DRS branded)

  • DRS Add-ins for RMS (1-page PDFs). 
    These are DRS Add-ins branded
    with DRS contact information.

Rebrandable Publisher files:

  • Zip file of DRS Add-ins, ready
    for reseller rebranding within
    Microsoft Publisher