DRS Products Trial Request

If you’re interested in 30 day trials of DRS Add-ins for Microsoft RMS,
please Register at our Help Desk to gain access* to downloads on our
Knowledgebase (KB). You will be prompted to select trial applications
from list below. You can also request a Microsoft Dynamics RMS trial.

Instant trials of selected apps are available from our add-ins page.

*You must include your name and company name with your request. Also indicate your RMS reseller and version of RMS you are running (see Manager, Help, About). We do not support Unicode or language sets so trials are only available in English for retailers in US, CA, UK, and AU. Once registered and access is approved, visit our Knowledgebase (KB), select Self-Service, Downloads, Installers, then DRS Add-ins (click on title links). IMPORTANT: RMS resellers should access our reseller landing page instead. For instructions contact reseller@digitalretailer.com with your MPN ID.

  • DRS RMS Toolkit™ includes TenderView*, Serial Editor, DRS Status Window*, Power Ops/SWAT Search, AutoGen, Special Order Tracker, DRS Tools, V.I.P. Zone, SmartPOP labels*, and Custom Reports/Templates* — *FREE to keep after trial ends; no purchase necessary.
  • DRS V.I.P. Zone™ – enhanced customer capture/edit/export tool for RMS (enables global editing for HQ users); reverse phone lookup (US/CA), address validation (USPS)
  • DRS Matrix Master™ – enhanced matrix management for footwear, sporting goods, apparel, wine, etc.; includes AutoGen and Power Ops
  • DRS SWAT Search™ – enhanced search and sell tool for RMS POS; quick item lookups
  • DRS Bicycle Bundle™ for US/CA bicycle retailers includes RMS Toolkit with V.I.P Zone, plus JumpStart, DRS Linker, Service Manager, and PO Loader
  • DRS Hobby Bundle™ for US/CA hobby retailers includes RMS Toolkit with V.I.P. Zone, plus DRS Linker, Service Manager, and PO Loader
  • DRS HQ Bridge™ for HeadQuarters users; automates WS 250 for new item adds; included free with Special Order Tracker
  • DRS SO Tracker™ – enhanced special order tracking from initial order to delivery, PO generator, auto-allocation, contact log, color coded status list, and more.
  • DRS Service Manager™ – enhanced workorder management with scheduling for any business that provides professional services to their customers; runs in POS or standalone (no POS lane license required to create/edit workorders)
  • DRS Power Ops™ enhanced search and sell tool, fast item creation/editing, user-defined Item Lookup Codes, create/merge/carry forward PO’s; our all purpose power tool for Microsoft RMS users; runs in POS, Manager, or standalone; our top selling add-in
  • DRS AutoGen™ – auto-generate item lookup codes, barcode type, and more

You can contact Digital Retail Solutions’ sales office by calling 800-322-9471 or email info@digitalretailer.com. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Live chat is also available on weekdays.