DRS Products Download Request

If you’re interested in DRS Add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics RMS,
visit our Help Desk for download installers.

  • DRS RMS Toolkit™ includes TenderView*, Serial Editor, DRS Status Window*, Power Ops/SWAT Search, AutoGen, Special Order Tracker, DRS Tools, V.I.P. Zone, SmartPOP labels*, and Custom Reports/Templates* — *FREE to keep after trial ends; no purchase necessary.
  • DRS V.I.P. Zone™ – enhanced customer capture/edit/export tool for RMS (enables global editing for HQ users); reverse phone lookup (US/CA), address validation (USPS)
  • DRS Matrix Master™ – enhanced matrix management for footwear, sporting goods, apparel, wine, etc.; includes AutoGen and Power Ops
  • DRS SWAT Search™ – enhanced search and sell tool for RMS POS; quick item lookups
  • DRS Bicycle Bundle™ for US/CA bicycle retailers includes RMS Toolkit with V.I.P Zone, plus JumpStart, DRS Linker, Service Manager, and PO Loader
  • DRS Hobby Bundle™ for US/CA hobby retailers includes RMS Toolkit with V.I.P. Zone, plus DRS Linker, Service Manager, and PO Loader
  • DRS HQ Bridge™ for HeadQuarters users; automates WS 250 for new item adds; included free with Special Order Tracker
  • DRS SO Tracker™ – enhanced special order tracking from initial order to delivery, PO generator, auto-allocation, contact log, color coded status list, and more.
  • DRS Service Manager™ – enhanced workorder management with scheduling for any business that provides professional services to their customers; runs in POS or standalone (no POS lane license required to create/edit workorders)
  • DRS Power Ops™ enhanced search and sell tool, fast item creation/editing, user-defined Item Lookup Codes, create/merge/carry forward PO’s; our all-purpose power tool for Microsoft RMS users; runs in POS, Manager, or standalone; our top selling add-in
  • DRS AutoGen™ – auto-generate item lookup codes, barcode type, and more

Visit our help desk for download instructions.