Exclusive Bicycle Bundle for RMS Store Operations

Digital Retail Solutions specializes in point-of-sale systems for independent specialty retailers of all types. We also offer custom modifications for independent bicycle dealers (IBDs).

Point of sale that is fast, easy to learn,
powerful, affordable, and well supported.

How much time do you spend managing your inventory, prepping estimates, or updating your website? We have a solution to make your operation more efficient and profitable…whether it’s one shop or multiple locations. Microsoft® Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System) with DRS Bicycle Bundle™ integrates with your favorite vendors.

DRS Service Manager™ runs at your service counter to create estimates,
schedule jobs and appointments, and monitor status.

Watch Service Manager for Microsoft RMS (10 minute movie)

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Highlights of our utility-rich, exclusive Bicycle Bundle include:

  • DRS SWAT Search puts an intelligent search engine right within RMS, so you can quickly find what you need. Find and sell was never this easy. Automatic, progressive and exclusive search. Price point and price range. Dept/category/size/color/brand/supplier and type filters. Combination searches. In stock and on sale filters. Tag and sell. Change quantities. Multiple search and tag, then add to sale. Try it — you’ll love it!
  • Report export option to connect your data anywhere via the Internet; synchronize item data with ANY supplier’s pre-labeling program, ANY website or web catalog service, or instantly create a Specials page for ANY website, email broadcast, etc.
  • DRS JumpStart includes dept/category key for bicycle shops based on Bike-alog®, plus optional service dept entries based on Barnett’s Ultimate Flat Rate Chart. Use as is or modify to suit your needs.
  • DRS Special Order Tracker (SO Tracker) keeps you on top of who ordered what, whether it’s on order, when it’s ready for delivery, and who told whom what. HQ (multi-store) connection option displays orders by store location.
  • Ability to import your adjusted Barnett’s UFRC based on your hourly rates, job codes, etc. You must own a licensed copy of UFRC from Barnett Bicycle Institute. We can also import your own labor chart in Excel format (XLS or CSV).
  • DRS Serial Editor instantly maintains all your serialized items including date of assembly, assembler name, and more. This utility can complement a control ticket system or replace it with a paperless version. Print item labels on-the-fly (Cognitive or Zebra/Eltron barcode printers), print price labels by Purchase Order. Assign temporary numbers for POs received/not committed. Combo filters for quick listings, what to build next, and enhanced text search with price range option. Serial Number search, too.
  • Modified purchase order, workorder, layaway, and backorder formats designed for your business
  • Customized label formats for Cognitive Barcode printers including Blaster Advantage.
  • AutoGen speeds up item code creation with structured or unstructured codes, plus automatic tax assignment by store for new items (HQ users).
  • Suggested bicycle store setup for database entries (Tenders, Reason Codes, Discounts, etc.) included with our IBD Starter Database.
  • XML receipt format to support existing 40 column dot matrix printers; includes 2 lines per item, line item discounts, salesperson IDs, and more (2k buffer required). The suggested receipt printer for Store Operations is a high speed thermal model, especially if you will use the integrated credit/debit card processing (you won’t believe the difference!)
  • DRS Linker can pull/push selected data anywhere you’d like via the Internet; coordinate your item data with supplier catalogs, etc.
  • DRS Linker SE (optional) can synchronize your product database with a SmartEtailing™ website catalog (POS Sync and POS Specials)
  • SmartPOP is a database driven signage and hangtag add-in that generates signs on demand; pre-defined label templates ensure your signs and product tags are quick and professional every time. Select an item, pick a label format, and print to a report printer using micro-perf cardstock or plain paper.
  • DRS TenderView simplifies balancing your cash drawer(s) at end-of-day. View tender totals and details onscreen; count and balance without running an X report.
  • DRS JumpStart for Bike-alog® automates import of products or entire bicycle lines including pictures, extended content descriptions, prices and supplier information.
  • DRS JumpStart also supports direct supplier links with Giant, Specialized, QBP, J&B Importers, and more. Enhanced import of supplier data includes size/color matrices and category mapping to ensure your database chores are even easier. Tag and import matrices works with parts, accessories, clothing, etc. “Update existing items” populates your RMS data with full descriptions and manufacturer part numbers. Add new suppliers on-the-fly. New/Copy buttons replaces New Item Wizard in RMS with a faster and easier to use tool.
  • DRS PO Loader automates order entry transfers between RMS and supplier order entry systems like Giant Bicycle Dealers’ Portal, QBP, Hawley Company, and a growing list of suppliers. Verification option checks stock availability and syncs cost before sending.
  • DRS Service Manager takes care of your service dept needs while V.I.P. Zone provides customer account management and targeted mailings.
  • Dozens of custom report templates including:

MAT Item History Report — units/margin or gross/discount dollars by item, by class, matrix, dept and category; MAT = Moving Annual Total by month with this year/last year comparisons 
PO Detail Report — use to paste your orders to any online order entry system that supports this type of interface, or XML, or text based data exchange
Monday-Sunday TimeCard Report (the default in RMS is Sunday-Saturday) 
Plus enhanced reports including DRS Sales Summary by Month, and updated receipt templates

And many more bike shop centric reports….

Read more about the utilities included in the Bundle

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Watch Service Manager for Microsoft RMS (10 minute movie)


Digital Retail Solutions’ support services also offer you:

  • 24/7 access to our client help desk with tips, suggestions, FAQs, and IBD-centric content.
  • Unlimited weekday support at REASONABLE RATES by chat, phone, email or browser connection (remote logon).
  • Online assistance allows us to see your screen (or you can view ours) to provide support and training in a fraction of the time.
  • Conversion services for most popular POS software in use by IBDs (see below).

In short, our value-added services for the bike industry are what set Digital Retail Solutions apart. We know the bike biz, speak the lingo, and understand your needs.

Bargain Bundle

Add up the time savings and value for our unique add-ins, report templates, receipt formats, expert advice, and more — and we could easily charge a premium amount for our IBD-tweaked solution. 

Starting in January 2022 DRS add-ins have been marked as dedicated to the public domain with CCO 1.0. No license key is required. No copyright applies. There is no charge to download and install our add-ins. However, charges will apply for any support requested.

Considering a cloud based solution for your bike shop? Do the math!

Rent versus own costs you thousands of dollars more over the years. We offer more value for your money including features like service management, assembly control, and special order tracking. 

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RMS Store Operations is competitively priced to ensure you receive the MOST BANG FOR THE YOUR BUCK. MULTI-USER point-of-sale software starts at just $995 per POS lane with access to DIY self-help resources or pay per incident support.